Prairie Warbler

Hey guys, welcome back! Oh hey! Today is bird number 100! We’ve hit triple digits! Thank you to all of you that have been reading along, I greatly appreciate it! And for bird #100, we’ve got a good one. Well, they’re all good but you know what I mean.

The prairie warbler isn’t actually found in the prairie, and I’m not quite sure why it’s named what it is. They’re found in scrubby forests in the eastern part of the US in breeding season, and winter in the Caribbean. They are one of the more southern breeding warblers, not even making it up to Canada in summer. They’re cool looking yellow birds filled with black streaks and dark wings. The males have a patch of chestnut brown on their backs. They often pump their tails, similar to a palm warbler.

If you read my last post, you may remember that I teased that today’s bird was one that I sort of took for granted. And it is. I mean I didn’t realize it at the time. Let me explain. So when I really started birding, I lived in NYC and worked in Central Park. I got to know the birds that visited the park often, and got to know which birds I saw regularly and which I didn’t. I never really paid much attention to where else in the country those birds were found. Well, in NYC, the prairie warbler was a fairly common visitor in migration. Seeing a few a year was commonplace. When I moved back to Ohio and started working for the Metroparks I was hearing colleagues talking about seeing the rare prairie warbler. At first I thought to myself “are they really not found around here?” Turns out they aren’t. If you look at their range map, you’ll see their range covers southeastern Ohio, but not up by Lake Erie, where I am. So a bird that I enjoyed seeing, and saw often, is one I may not see again unless I travel and bird within their range. Funny how much difference a few miles can make sometimes! Next up is one of the most widespread warblers, one I don’t have to worry about not seeing unless I move overseas, the common yellowthroat. See you all then!


Bird #100!!



common yellowthroat

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