Canada Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Today is one of my favorite warblers, the Canada warbler. This cool looking bird is a dark gray above, and bright yellow below, with a ring of black streaks around its neck earning it the nickname of “necklaced warbler.” They also have very distinct eyering and yellow lores making it look like it’s wearing glasses!

Canada Warbler spring2
Springtime Canada warbler, Central Park, NY

Canada warblers do breed in Canada as well as parts of the northeastern US. They are one of the later warblers to make it to their breeding grounds, and one of the first to head back to South America, so their time spent in North America is relatively short. You’ll see these birds skulking around in the understory of forests, especially if there’s plenty of moss and ferns growing.

Canada Warbler fall2
Fall plumaged Canada warbler, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

In fall, they have the same plumage, with the exception that their necklace is faded. You may confuse them for a fall magnolia warbler, but unlike the magnolia, the Canada does not have a black undertail tip. Why are these some of my favorite warblers? I don’t really have much of an answer to that. I just think their plumage pattern is really cool looking. Up next, we have yet another warbler, the Nashville. See you then!

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