Savannah Sparrow

Hey guys welcome back! Today we have yet another little streaked sparrow. There's certainly no shortage of them! Despite this, these guys are actually fairly easy to ID provided you get a decent look at them. Savannah sparrows are in some ways your typical streaky sparrow, but their streaks are thinner than a song sparrow,... Continue Reading →

Fish Crow

Hey guys welcome back! Today, a bird that a lot of people, especially those that aren't avid birders, might not even know exists; the fish crow! The fish crow is common along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from Massachusetts to Louisiana. Though typically found close to the shore, they have been spreading further inland, especially... Continue Reading →

Turkey Vulture

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, we've reached our first (as well as the most widespread in North America) vulture species; the turkey vulture! Turkey vultures are huge birds that eat primarily carrion (dead animals) but will also occasionally eat garbage and left over human food, and will also on rare occasions eat live food; primarily... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, welcome back! Today, the first shorebird I can remember seeing; the killdeer. Killdeer are an example of a bird being named after the mnemonic of their call. Supposedly, their call sounds like "kill-deer" but, as I've mentioned before, mnemonics, while useful, rarely sound like what I hear. But that's just me. Killdeer are... Continue Reading →

Brown-headed Cowbird

Hey guys welcome back! Over the course of this blog, we have come across a few invasive species, some of which are responsible for the declining populations of native birds. Today's bird is not invasive, technically, since it is native. However, the brown-headed cowbird is considered by many to be a nuisance bird. They are... Continue Reading →

Eastern Towhee

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, the eastern towhee. Once again, a bird that has a close relative that it used to be lumped in with as one species. Sensing a trend in bird taxonomy? I told you it was a thing. The eastern towhee looks very similar to its western cousin, the spotted towhee. They... Continue Reading →

Purple Finch

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, a little break from the summer heat, as we take a look at a bird that is most often found in the U.S. during the colder months (with some exceptions); the purple finch! Purple finches mostly breed up in Canada but can be found along the Pacific coast and parts... Continue Reading →

Blue-headed Vireo

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is our first vireo species! Found in the eastern U.S., here's another bird with some tricky taxonomical history. However, unlike the yellow-rumped warbler from last time (which may or may not actually be 2, 3, or even 4 separate species lumped together), the blue-headed vireo used to be lumped with... Continue Reading →

Yellow-rumped Warbler

hey guys, welcome back! Here's the story, of a warbler species, that may or may not actually be four species. Wait, what? Let me try and explain as simply as possible. Bird taxonomy. Ok, maybe I need a little more info. Here's the basic rundown. The bird at the time of this writing known as... Continue Reading →

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