Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Hey guys welcome back! Today's bird is the ruby-throated hummingbird; the eastern US's only breeding species of hummingbird. If you live out west, then hummingbirds are a much more common occurrence for you. The western US has numerous species, but east of the Mississippi, save for the occasional wandering rufous hummingbird, you'll only find one.... Continue Reading →

Eastern Bluebird

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, the eastern bluebird. I love these little guys, but for as common as they are, I never saw one ever in my life until 2015! They did suffer a major population decrease thanks to aggressive invasive species the house sparrow and European starling out competing them for nesting spots. But... Continue Reading →

House Wren

Hey guys, welcome back. Today's little bird is the very common, very loud house wren. For those of you familiar with wrens, you know that these guys have quite the set of lungs on them. They sing not only to attract mates but to defend their territory as well. They're often (as will most wrens)... Continue Reading →

Nashville Warbler

Hey guys, welcome back. Today's little warbler is the Nashville. The Nashville warbler is found in Nashville, Tennessee, however only during migration. These little birds breed in the northeastern US and southern Canada and winter in Mexico and Central America. So why are they called the Nashville warbler? Well, as you probably know, if you're... Continue Reading →

Canada Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Today is one of my favorite warblers, the Canada warbler. This cool looking bird is a dark gray above, and bright yellow below, with a ring of black streaks around its neck earning it the nickname of "necklaced warbler." They also have very distinct eyering and yellow lores making it look... Continue Reading →

Yellow-throated Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Today's bird is one that I first saw in NYC, which is actually out of this bird's natural range. The yellow-throated warbler is a small wood-warbler that behaves much like a creeper or nuthatch. They are almost entirely black and white, with the exception of a bright yellow throat. This is... Continue Reading →

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Hey guys, welcome back! Today's little bird is another from the warbler family. To see a chestnut-sided warbler in the spring, you'll understand just how it got its name. They are black and white above, with a yellow cap, white below, with a black mask and line of chestnut-brown along its side. There's really no... Continue Reading →

Magnolia Warbler

Hey guys welcome back. The magnolia warbler is one of the most striking springtime migrants. They have a gray, black, and white back and wings, and a bright yellow throat and belly with dark black streaks. Originally, the bird was given the common name of the black and yellow warbler. Alexander Wilson, who first described... Continue Reading →

Swainson’s Thrush

Hey guys welcome back! When it comes to brown birds, sparrows usually get the bad rap of being confusing and difficult to ID. And while this is true, thrushes give them a run for their money. Now, there are much fewer thrush species in North America to contend with, but there are a handful in... Continue Reading →

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