Blue-winged Warbler

Hey guys, welcome back! Sadly, today's post will not feature any pics. I've seen quite a number of blue-winged warblers in my day, just never any photogenic ones. And the ones that were, were present when I was sans camera. Blue-winged warblers are actually one of my favorite warbler species. I just think they're really... Continue Reading →

Mute Swan

Hey guys welcome back! Today, a frightening sight. The mute swan. Swans are some of the largest birds in North America, and as many people and YouTube videos can attest, they are also some of the most aggressive and territorial. Even uses the phrase "hazard to humans" in their mute swan description. Of course,... Continue Reading →

American Redstart

Hey guys, welcome back. Today's bird is yet another warbler, but this time one that is pretty easy to ID, the American redstart. One of two redstarts in the US, the American redstart is found throughout much of the country and Canada while the painted redstart is found only in small pockets of the desert... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, welcome back! Today's little bird, the ovenbird, may look like a tiny thrush, but it is in fact part of the wood warbler family! Just like some of the thrushes we've covered in the past, the ovenbird is a brown to olive-brown on top with a buffy-white breast filled with spots. Also like... Continue Reading →

Wood Thrush

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is a bird that most birders will agree has one of the coolest songs, the wood thrush. Not the first brown and spotted thrush we've done (and it won't be the last either), the wood thrush differs in that it is heavily spotted all the way down it's belly as... Continue Reading →

Green Heron

Hey guys welcome back! Today we have one of North America's smallest herons, the green heron! Typically more secretive than other herons, you'll often find them along pond shores amidst dense vegetaion. When I lived in New York, I was always happy to spot one because I just didn't see them all that often. Sure... Continue Reading →

Chimney Swift

Hey guys welcome back. So, as you can clearly see, today I have no picture. Although I've seen probably literally hundreds of chimney swifts in my day, they are probably the most difficult bird to get a picture of. Why? Well, they rarely stop flying. If you've ever been out walking around on a summer... Continue Reading →

Belted Kingfisher

Hey guys welcome back! Today's bird, the belted kingfisher, is one of only two species of kingfisher found in North America. The other, the green kingfisher, is primarily found in Mexico and Central America, but their range does stretch north into extreme southern Texas, and sometimes Arizona. I think that's why I love seeing the... Continue Reading →

Snowy Egret

Hey guys, welcome back! Today's bird is a small white heron known as the snowy egret. Upon quick glance, you might think it's difficult to tell this from the more widespread great egret. After all, they're both all white herons. When I first started working in Central Park, colleagues were always trying to spot the... Continue Reading →

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