Orchard Oriole

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is our second oriole species. The orchard oriole is the smallest of the North American orioles (which incidentally aren't related to the orioles of Eurasia.) The male looks nearly identical to the Baltimore oriole, except its bright orange is swapped out with a dark rusty color similar to the breast... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, welcome back! And Happy St. Patrick's Day if you celebrate that. Today is an interesting little bird; the bobolink. Like its relatives, the blackbirds, the bobolink is found in tall grass areas, often near water. The breeding plumage of the male is a unique pattern of black and white, with the white patches... Continue Reading →

Boat-tailed Grackle

Hey guys, welcome back! You may remember way back over a year ago I featured the common grackle, and in that post stated that they're one of my favorite birds. This is true, and it applies to other members of the grackle family, including this one, the boat-tailed grackle. Quick glance at the picture above... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Oriole

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is a really cool, brightly colored bird: the Baltimore oriole. A brilliant orange and black, the Baltimore oriole was once known by a different name, the northern oriole. The northern oriole's range covered most of the continental US. Birds in the west, despite being considered the same species, looked little... Continue Reading →

Brown-headed Cowbird

Hey guys welcome back! Over the course of this blog, we have come across a few invasive species, some of which are responsible for the declining populations of native birds. Today's bird is not invasive, technically, since it is native. However, the brown-headed cowbird is considered by many to be a nuisance bird. They are... Continue Reading →

Red-winged Blackbird

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, one of my favs, the Red-winged Blackbird. Their call (some guides use the mnemonic "konk-a-ree" to describe it, though I personally don't hear it) is one that I always associate with summer, and until I really started birding, only heard then. Now, I can hear it almost year round. In... Continue Reading →

Rusty Blackbird

Hey guys, welcome back! So, if you read my last post, you may remember I said I didn't have a picture of a Rusty Blackbird. Sad, I know. "But wait a minute," you're saying to yourself right now, "I see pictures of Rusty Blackbirds in this post!" This is true. So, I typically write these... Continue Reading →

Common Grackle

Hey guys! Welcome back, and Happy Christmas to those of you that celebrate! Today I get to talk about one of my all-time favorite birds, the Common Grackle! Now I know many birders (and non-birders) will disagree with this. Grackles are brash, loud, annoying, and can congregate in extremely large numbers causing damage to crops,... Continue Reading →

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