Wood Duck

Hey guys, welcome back! The Wood Duck is arguably the most beautiful waterfowl species in the world. Wood Ducks are fairly widespread in North America, being year-round residents in much of the eastern U.S. (with their abundance being more spotty in the west.) They are named because they actually nest in tree hollows (or very... Continue Reading →

Canada Goose

Hey guys, welcome back! The Canada Goose, one of the most widespread birds in North America. A complicated bird, with dubious reputation, some of which is deserved. First off, the species name is Canada Goose, not Canadian Goose, and the proper plural is Canada Geese (or as a lot of birders may refer to them,... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, welcome back! The Mallard. Probably the most recognizable bird worldwide, or one of at least. The Mallard is also among the most widespread, with its natural range covering most of the Northern Hemisphere, in addition to it having been introduced in parts of Africa, South America, and Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, most... Continue Reading →

American Black Duck

Hey guys, Welcome to my first real post. Today, as the title may give away, I'm profiling the American Black Duck. When I decided what I wanted to do with this blog, I had to decide how. I mean, if I'm going to profile a different species every time, how do I pick where to... Continue Reading →

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