Pine Siskin

Hey guys, welcome back. Today's bird is a little winter finch; the pine siskin. This plucky little finch is an irruptive species. I know I've talked about irruption before but essentially, it means they can be very plentiful some winters, and completely absent other winters. Most migrations are spurned by food sources. Most birds fly... Continue Reading →

Purple Finch

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, a little break from the summer heat, as we take a look at a bird that is most often found in the U.S. during the colder months (with some exceptions); the purple finch! Purple finches mostly breed up in Canada but can be found along the Pacific coast and parts... Continue Reading →

Northern Cardinal

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, we have one of the more recognizable birds in North America; the Northern Cardinal. Although, if you live in the Rockies or further west, you probably have never seen one before. It's weird to me when I start thinking about stuff like that. Like, how a bird can be so... Continue Reading →

House Finch

Hey guys, welcome back! We've reached bird number ten! For pretty much anyone in the U.S. that has a bird feeder in their backyard, chances are pretty good, you've had at least one of these guys visit it. If not, then you probably live smack in the middle of the country somewhere like, let's say,... Continue Reading →

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