Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, our first grosbeak species. And the only grosbeak species I've seen (as of this writing.)  The rose-breasted grosbeak is common throughout the eastern US. Sexually dimorphic, the male looks like he's wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a rose-red ascot. The female is various shades of brown,... Continue Reading →

American Goldfinch

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, a bright yellow little bird common to backyard feeders, the American Goldfinch! I remember seeing these yellow little birds as a kid every so often. I didn't know what they were, and the only yellow bird I knew of was the Canary, so I just assumed that's what these guys... Continue Reading →

Northern Cardinal

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, we have one of the more recognizable birds in North America; the Northern Cardinal. Although, if you live in the Rockies or further west, you probably have never seen one before. It's weird to me when I start thinking about stuff like that. Like, how a bird can be so... Continue Reading →

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