American Tree Sparrow

Hey guys, welcome back! Before we dive into today's bird, I feel I must explain the featured photo for this post, as well as the lack of subsequent ones. This blog is featuring a different bird from my life list in every post. And up until now, I have supplemented each of those posts with... Continue Reading →

House Sparrow

Hey guys, welcome back, and Happy New Year! Nothing like starting 2019 off with a great bird! Too bad today's bird is the House Sparrow. I joke, but the House Sparrow is a great example of what would be considered an invasive species. At least here in the Americas. The House Sparrow is the most... Continue Reading →

Song Sparrow

Hey Guys welcome back! Look! Another sparrow! Today, we have the Song Sparrow. Probably the most widespread New World Sparrow, the Song Sparrow can be found throughout the U.S. much of the year.  Sparrows can be loosely divided into two groups for the purposes of identification; streaked and unstreaked. Last post's White-throated Sparrow is an... Continue Reading →

White-throated Sparrow

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, the first sparrow I was introduced to, aside from the House Sparrow. When I was younger, I thought I knew my birds. I knew the little brown birds I saw weren't simply sparrows, but House Sparrows. I figured surely there must be other kinds of sparrows, but I never saw... Continue Reading →

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