Piping Plover

Hey guys, welcome back. Shortly before I left NYC for St. Louis, I took a weekend trip to the Hamptons, which for those unfamiliar is all the way out on the eastern end of Long Island. It was an amazing trip, and I managed to get some birding in too. While walking along the beach... Continue Reading →

Semipalmated Plover

Hey guys welcome back. Today the second of two semipalmated birds. Well, that's only partially accurate. There are more than two, but there's only two with the word semipalmated in their name. At least on my lifelist. Anyway, the semipalmated plover is today's bird! Semipalmated plover. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Jamaica, NY Like the semipalmated... Continue Reading →

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Hey guys, welcome back. Today we have the first of two semipalmated shorebirds; the semipalmated sandpiper. Before I get into how confusing these guys can be, just what the heck does "semipalmated" mean? Well, essentially it means partially webbed. So rather than completely unwebbed feet like a songbird might have, or completely webbed feet like... Continue Reading →

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