Green Heron

Hey guys welcome back! Today we have one of North America's smallest herons, the green heron! Typically more secretive than other herons, you'll often find them along pond shores amidst dense vegetaion. When I lived in New York, I was always happy to spot one because I just didn't see them all that often. Sure... Continue Reading →

Belted Kingfisher

Hey guys welcome back! Today's bird, the belted kingfisher, is one of only two species of kingfisher found in North America. The other, the green kingfisher, is primarily found in Mexico and Central America, but their range does stretch north into extreme southern Texas, and sometimes Arizona. I think that's why I love seeing the... Continue Reading →

Hooded Merganser

Hey guys, welcome back! Today we have our second of 3 North American mergansers, the Hooded Merganser. Like the Red-breasted Merganser from a while back, the Hooded has a rather narrow, serrated bill with a slight hook on the end for eating fish. Hooded Mergansers, however, are much smaller. The drake is mostly black and... Continue Reading →

Wood Duck

Hey guys, welcome back! The Wood Duck is arguably the most beautiful waterfowl species in the world. Wood Ducks are fairly widespread in North America, being year-round residents in much of the eastern U.S. (with their abundance being more spotty in the west.) They are named because they actually nest in tree hollows (or very... Continue Reading →

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