Virginia Rail

Hey guys welcome back. Today a little marsh bird, the Virginia rail. Virginia rails are small, plump birds of the marsh. Similar to the clapper rail but smaller and more brightly colored, Virginia rails are also much more widespread, being found in every one of the lower 48 states. They can be quite difficult to... Continue Reading →

Clapper Rail

Hey guys, welcome back. Today is the next rail of this series; the clapper rail. Rails are secretive wading birds that are right at home in very dense vegetation near water. They are shaped kind of like small herons crossed with chickens. The clapper rail is found only along the Atlantic coast. It used to... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, welcome back! Today we have a funny little bird. It's our first rail, the sora. Somewhat closely related to the American coot which we did a while back, the sora is more of a typical rail. Rails are wading birds kind of like herons, but are more compact and chicken-like. In fact, one... Continue Reading →

American Coot

Hey guys, welcome back! Waterfowl February continues with a bird that kind of acts like a duck, the American Coot. The American Coot is a member of the Rail family, and is closely related to gallinules and moorhens. Unlike most of its close relatives, the American Coot is much easier to spot, as it prefers... Continue Reading →

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