Solitary Sandpiper

Hey guys, welcome back. Back to shorebirds today for the solitary sandpiper. As its name suggests, the solitary sandpiper is often seen alone. They are a medium-sized shorebird, about the size of a robin, but taller. They sport a distinctive eye-ring, have an olive-brown head and upperparts, with some mottling of white, and have a... Continue Reading →

Lesser Yellowlegs

Hey guys, welcome back! Well, today is my birthday! I was supposed to be in LA celebrating by birding on the west coast, but for obvious reasons I've had to postpone that trip until (hopefully) later this year. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have a good birthday. Anyway, today's bird is the lesser yellowlegs. A... Continue Reading →

American Woodcock

Hey guys! Welcome back. If you read my last post, then you know that I said in my teaser for this one that I'd be profiling the bird that made me officially start my life list. So how did a funny-named, strange-looking, not-very-bright shorebird that's almost never found on the shore accomplish this? The fall... Continue Reading →

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