Cliff Swallow

Hey guys welcome back. And Happy Christmas to those out there that celebrate. Today's bird is the cliff swallow. Like other swallows the cliff swallow can be seen flying rapidly over water or freshly cut fields as they gobble up flying insects mid-flight with their bat-like flight patterns. Cliff swallows look similar to bard swallows... Continue Reading →

Bank Swallow

Hey guys, welcome back. Today, the only swallow species I've seen (to date) that I've only seen in Ohio; the bank swallow. Like all swallows, the bank swallow is a fast, agile, and very aerobatic flier. This can make trying to ID one in flight rather difficult. I hadn't yet moved back to Ohio, but... Continue Reading →

Purple Martin

Hey guys, welcome back. Today we have the largest member of the swallow family in North America, the purple martin! Perhaps best known as residents of bird condos throughout the US, the gourd shaped nest houses have recently begun to replace traditional style bird condos. Actually, the gourd style isn't new. Native Americans used hollowed... Continue Reading →

Barn Swallow

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, the most common and widespread swallow species in the world; the barn swallow! A dark metallic blue above, and buff to rusty orange below (individuals in Europe have a white belly, but retain the orange colored throat), the barn swallow is a fast, agile bird that often flies only a... Continue Reading →

Tree Swallow

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is my favorite swallow species (well, of the species I've seen. The Violet-green Swallow is pretty cool looking but as of this writing I've not seen one in person) the Tree Swallow! describes them as "Handsome aerialists with deep-blue iridescent backs and clean white fronts" and I can't think... Continue Reading →

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Hey guys, welcome back! Before we start, let me apologize for there being no photos today. As i've stated before, all the photos I use in my blog are mine. Taken by yours truly. And sometimes I either can't get a good look at a bird, or just don't have my camera when I see... Continue Reading →

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