Red-eyed Vireo

Hey guys, welcome back. Our third vireo today, and second in a row is the aptly named red-eyed vireo. Although admittedly, the red eye can be hard to see at times due to lighting and some individuals simply having a darker red iris. To me, the red-eyed vireo looks like the warbling vireo but with... Continue Reading →

Warbling Vireo

Hey guys, welcome back. Today we have our second vireo species, the warbling vireo. As you may remember from our first vireo species, vireos are birds that are very similar to warblers. They are small neotropic migrant insectivores, some of which are brightly colored. But they are not related to warblers at all, making them... Continue Reading →

Blue-headed Vireo

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is our first vireo species! Found in the eastern U.S., here's another bird with some tricky taxonomical history. However, unlike the yellow-rumped warbler from last time (which may or may not actually be 2, 3, or even 4 separate species lumped together), the blue-headed vireo used to be lumped with... Continue Reading →

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