Black-throated Blue Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Today's bird is the aptly names and unmistakable black-throated blue warbler. That's a lot to type, so I'll be using the initials BTBW from here on out! The BTBW is one of the most sexually dimorphic warblers out there. In fact the males and females look so different that they were... Continue Reading →

Blue-winged Warbler

Hey guys, welcome back! Sadly, today's post will not feature any pics. I've seen quite a number of blue-winged warblers in my day, just never any photogenic ones. And the ones that were, were present when I was sans camera. Blue-winged warblers are actually one of my favorite warbler species. I just think they're really... Continue Reading →

American Redstart

Hey guys, welcome back. Today's bird is yet another warbler, but this time one that is pretty easy to ID, the American redstart. One of two redstarts in the US, the American redstart is found throughout much of the country and Canada while the painted redstart is found only in small pockets of the desert... Continue Reading →

Black-throated Green Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Well fall migration is in full swing, and this is one bird that, if you live in the east, you'll probably be seeing around about now. The black-throated green warbler. That's a mouthful! The black-throated green warbler (I'm gonna just go with BTGW for short) is one of three "black-throated <insert... Continue Reading →

Prothonotary Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Today, the prothonotary warbler! I've only ever seen a few prothonotary warblers in my life. The first, back in 2015, in Central Park, one in St. Louis this past spring, and two last week here in Ohio. As warblers go, prothonotary warblers are on the larger side of things, about sparrow... Continue Reading →

Yellow Warbler

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, one of the most common and widespread of the North American warblers, the yellow warbler. Wintering in Central America, the yellow warbler has a large breeding range which includes the northern two-thirds of the US, and nearly all of Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific! The yellow warbler is,... Continue Reading →

Black-and-white Warbler

Hey guys welcome back! Warblers are considered by most the stars of migrations here in the U.S. and I can't totally disagree with that. For a couple months every year, these tiny, often tough to spot birds add a nice challenge to springtime birding. Most like them for their bright colors, and small and cute... Continue Reading →

Northern Waterthrush

Hey guys welcome back! Didn't we do this bird already? Nope! A while back, we looked at the Louisiana Waterthrush. Both birds are nearly identical, so you'd be forgiven if you thought I slipped a repeat in. In fact, one of the first bird walks I ever went on, before I was all that good... Continue Reading →

Yellow-rumped Warbler

hey guys, welcome back! Here's the story, of a warbler species, that may or may not actually be four species. Wait, what? Let me try and explain as simply as possible. Bird taxonomy. Ok, maybe I need a little more info. Here's the basic rundown. The bird at the time of this writing known as... Continue Reading →

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