Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Hey guys, welcome back! The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Can you get a more stereotypical bird name than that? I mean it sounds like a made up bird that someone that doesn't know anything about birds would come up with! But it is, in fact, a real bird. It's one of a number of species of sapsucker,... Continue Reading →

Dark-eyed Junco

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, a sparrow that defies the stereotype that sparrows are just "little brown jobs," the Dark-eyed Junco. Although it is in the sparrow family, this little bird certainly doesn't look it! At last, a sparrow that's easy to identify! In terms of looks, yes it's not a plethora of striped browns... Continue Reading →

Brown Creeper

Hey guys, welcome back! Brown Creeper. No it's not a super villain, or what a racist might call a minority stalker, it's a tiny little bird that looks like walking tree bark! Brown Creepers are very small birds that are a mottled brown above, and white below. They have a fairly long, slightly downcurved bill... Continue Reading →

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