Red-headed Woodpecker

Hey guys, welcome back! Today's plucky woodpecker is none other than the red-headed woodpecker. A lot of woodpeckers have red on their heads somewhere, but this guy has an entirely red head! The rest of the body is comprised of large blocks of black and white. Unlike some species of woodpeckers, the red-headed is not... Continue Reading →

Northern Flicker

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, a woodpecker I always refer to myself as a ground woodpecker; the Northern Flicker. While they do "stand" on the side of trees and peck at the trunk, they typically feed on the ground, unlike most other woodpeckers, which is why I think of them as the ground woodpecker. Their... Continue Reading →

Hairy Woodpecker

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, the Hairy Woodpecker. And as you can see here, they look pretty much identical to the Downy Woodpecker. So how the heck do you tell the two apart? I mean, they have nearly the same range, and plumage! A closer look reveals one way to tell, the beak. The Hairy... Continue Reading →

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Hey guys, welcome back! The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Can you get a more stereotypical bird name than that? I mean it sounds like a made up bird that someone that doesn't know anything about birds would come up with! But it is, in fact, a real bird. It's one of a number of species of sapsucker,... Continue Reading →

Downy Woodpecker

Hey guys! Welcome Back! Sometimes I'm asked what my favorite bird is. If we're talking favorite species, then I have a top 5, but not a definitive favorite. However, if we're talking favorite individual bird, well that honor likely goes to one specific female Downy Woodpecker. I'll come back to her in a second. The... Continue Reading →

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Hey Guys! Welcome back! We've reached our first woodpecker species! Growing up, woodpeckers were always those birds I knew about but never saw. Only on rare occasions do I ever remember seeing one. Funny how that goes. When you know what you're looking (or listening) for, you notice just how common woodpeckers really are. Take... Continue Reading →

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